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The Dub Turbo ReviewYou might be reading my uncensored review of a truly amazing beat maker i enjoy using, the beat making software of the one of a kind Dub Turbo. State More »

dr drum review

Dr.Drum Review

So you want to be able to make your own music? The barrier to entry for creating beats and tracks–be it for the clubs, for presentations, or just for yourself–has always been More »

Dubturbo – Best Beat Maker Software


Effortless innovations in music with Dub Turbo software
You can go online at the Beat Makers HQ and you can get the Beat Maker Software Download to help you create your music that is best suited for you. The Dub Turbo Review gives best ratings for this software. It is compatible with all computers and the operation is simple. The sheer variety of sounds that can be generated for the rhythm section puts it in a separate class. It has 44.1 Quality Studio Sound.
Most music these days is based on synthetic fusion, most of the instruments are electronically modulated and the music is regulated by the bpm count. The best beat maker will keep the bpm count harmonized with the music being played effortlessly. The beat-per-minute is the measure of the speed of the music.
Soft music has a low bpm of about 80 to 100 while music for exercising needs to be at least 130 or thereabouts. When you select the music you want to create, you set the beats on the Dub Turbo software and you will be set. Remixes exist that are copies of slow songs that are hyped up to a higher bpm so that they may be used with exercise regimes. It however is the simplicity that has made this software so appealing to the people.
People looking for a break in the music scene need the bones to make the grade and these are not just lying around on the streets waiting for someone to pick them up. These are genuine high technology state-of-the-art breakthrough in the fields of acoustics and music making. Music making is a gift and when you augment it with the kind of instruments which are simple to use you have a winner.
It may have certain failings but for the beginners there should be no problem. It does present some compatibility issues when you want to record guitar sounds, it does not have as many provisions for VSTI capabilities but this will only affect those who are at the studio level recording. For those who are not that ambitious, the software will prove to be capable of handling your wishes adequately.
If anybody could make music, then harmony would be the river flowing downtown. For making beats online the musician should also know his electronics. This was an essential perquisite for those who wanted to handle all those software that made beats for music. Now with Dub Turbo software you are spared that all that trouble.

Dr. Drum – Beat Making at Its Best.

Dr.Drum Review
 dr drum review Ever wanted to make your own musicbut lack the equipment to do that? Or maybe you have the equipment but lack the required expertise to use it. Or worse yet, have an expensive piece of software but cannot make head or tail where to start beat making?However, it is now possible to start making amazing, studio quality beats with Dr. Drum beat making software. With Dr Drum, you will be making high quality beats in less time than you can say beat maker software. And what’s more, you do not need any experience for you to start working with Dr. Drum.
You may be thinking that there are many other beat making software out there that can make beats. That’s true; there are many other software that can make online music beats. But there is none as you will get to see in this Dr. Drum Beat Maker Review. The problem with other beat making software is that they produce low quality beats.This is because they use samples in.mp3 format. This is a huge mistake as mp3 format compresses sounds. This lowers the sample quality. To make it worse, the mp3 sample is further compressed when it is exported. This leaves you with a double compressed sound whose quality is not close to studio quality. With this, no producer will want anything to do with you
Other beat maker software also do not provide you with enough samples to work with, just some to keep you occupied for just some days, maybe weeks. They are also very complex and require extremely qualified people to work with them. This is not the case with Dr. Drum as it is very easy to learn, all thanks to the video tutorials that come with it.
  Dr. Drum comes bundled with many powerful features. It has a 16 track sequencer. This will enable you to make awesome beats easily. With this feature, you will get to have 16 tracks of stereo sound. You will also be able to change sound and patterns of the many built in drum beats with just 2 clicks.You are also able to adjust the volume, tones and pan effect of you beats with this feature. What makes this feature in Dr. Drum stand out from other beat making software is that you are a video is created when you make videos that can be directly uploaded to YouTube.
 dr drum review Dr. Drum also has a 12 Pad drum. With this, you will be able to make beats from the huge database of samples bundled with the software. You can also add your own sample. With this feature, you will be able to change drum kits with just a single click. You can also move sounds around with a few clicks.You will also get a 4 octave keyboard with Dr. Drum. With Dr. Drum, you will never need a MIDI cable to make beats ever again. You will get to work with many sounds so as to create amazing beats. You can also change the frequency, resonance, LFO R and LFO A enabling you to make amazing dub step sounds.

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Dr. Drum can be used to create any kind of beats from West Coast to House, Jungle, Rap, Soul and even Punk. This beats are also in 44.1 professional studio quality which is also in.wav format. So what are you waiting for, get this amazing piece of software at a discounted price and start making studio quality professional beats.

Dub Turbo – A Beat Maker Like No Other.

DubTurbo Review
Making beats online has always been a tiresome process for many people. It may take one days to come up with a good beat. It is also not new to hear someone saying that their beat does not sound as good as they thought it would have. Not forgetting the low quality beats that one produces. Many people blame their skills for this saying that they need to practise more or watch more tutorial videos.This is, however, not always the case.The problem lies in their beat maker software download. They pay so much for so little. Their software is worth a thousand dollar but lacks quality. This leaves them frustrated vowing never to buy another beat making software. Some even go to the extreme to purchase even more expensive beat making software that turn out to be even worse.
Luckily, there is a new kid on the block, the Dub Turbo. Even by its name, you can get a feel of how powerful it is and what you can get from it. This is a powerful piece of software that does beat making unlike other online beat makers.The only difference, besides superior quality, is the price. The dub turbo is versatile piece of software. It can record beats for any kind of music, be it Hip-Hop, house, jungle or modern. No beat is too hard for the dub turbo.


In case you are still wondering what makes the dub turbo review stand out, there are many responses to that. Other online beat makers use their samples in.mp3; an out-dated music compression technology. To make it even worse, when you decide to export your mp3 to other software, it compresses it again as your master, pathetic, isn’t it? The end result is a 3rd generation sound that has been compresses twice. This leaves the sample rates all messed up with poor quality. And yet many wonder why they have been rejected by music producers.Dub turbo is an easy to use software unlike other programs. This is because when you purchase dub turbo, you get free video training that will make you become a pro in no time. This is not to say that dub turbo is not for professionals. In fact, professional beta makers will find it extremely flexible to us unlike other beat makers. It will not be long before you are able to make superb beats, just like the ones used by well-known artists. Its interface is also very user friendly. It has navigation elements that will let you create beats in a matter of minutes, not hours or days like other beat makers. An interesting feature is that you can use your normal keyboard in your beat making process making it extremely easy to use. You will also get to work with DT sequencer, Dub turbo drum machine panel and a 4-octave keyboard, all of which are incredibly easy to use.

In addition to getting a Dub turbo 2.0 software, you will also get access to a full install and a 24/7 online version, 14 premium sample packs, Dub turbo VST, SAMPLOID, NORBOX, WUBWUB, acapellas bonus and training videos just to name a few. So what are you waiting for, download Dub turbo now and take your beat making to a whole new level.

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Dr. Drum – The Ultimate Beat Maker Software

Dr. Drum – the ultimate beat maker software

dr drum review You will find loads of methods by which folks make songs lately, which is why we are inside a time of unparalleled independence of expression. The pure prospects available on the market are unlimited, and it is simpler than ever before to locate a good beat maker software and make your own music.Dr. Drum is the new beat maker software that could make you put collectively your personal membership hits in only minutes. Nothing you’ve seen prior has been this easy, and if you have ever experienced the desire to try to make your own music, your period has arrive.
The ingredient which makes Dr. Drum greater than anything which has come before is the simple indisputable proven fact that it works with a person, not against him. Right from the start, this software does the thing you need it to complete. No battle, simply good music. With this in your head, you actually have no excuses remaining. If you have ever desired to make your own music, the obstacles to admittance have just about all been shattered. There’s merely nothing tough to say in Dr. Drum Beat Maker Review, and you will begin making your own beats at the very moment, the first-time you take a seat and check it outDr. Drum Beat Maker Software could make any kind of beat you can possibly imagine. If you have been looking for top beat maker software, you most likely know now that the bad types are inexpensive, and the great ones cost lots of money. The poor ones make terrible sound beats that seem like they had been made in dinosaur-age computers, and also the top level beat maker software help to make studio-quality beats however they cost countless dollars. This is often extremely irritating. You have the beats inside your soul, you listen to them in your mind, but you do not have any method to produce and your own music. The great news is that technology has come up with advanced solutions in the last few years, and now Dr. Drum will turn your pc into a world class studio.
dr drum
dr drum review The very best part of the program is that it is fun to use. You will not be spending several hours reading through complicated manuals simply to learn how to make a beat. Instead you will be jamming away, trying brand new sound effects, and sharing beats with your friends. Time seem to fly by when you are using this online music beats software.The interface is really logical and easy to determine – actually, someone without any musical training could even make awesome music, no matter what type of beat being used. Everyone has music in soul, but it requires months simply to learn the fundamentals of any kind of instrument. With Dr. Drum beat maker software, you may unleash the music within you in a few hours of practice.
With Dr. Drum there’s lastly a solution for those people who want to make their own personal music from house without having ever needing to take music lessons. Dr. Drum will have you composing your individual beats in just a few minutes.

Dub Turbo – A Complete Online Recording Studio


Why don’t commence. To begin with, a bit concerning myself. İ’m Martin Wilkinson and also I was any artist, manufacturer and also DJ, and possess got knowledge together with, virtually, every bit regarding audio producing application currently available. While an individual aimed myself on the Dub Turbo, any overcome producing application I got never ever discovered, I must have been a small bit greater than sceptical, yet made a decision to offer an experiment push.
This specific overview goes within the very good as well as the negative, the advantages as well as the disadvantages, and present a good consideration on this certain part of audio generation application. Introduction. Once you start considering producing your own personal on-line audio, and also are cluess how to start, it could be nearly impossible to find a fairly easy option.

Dub Turbo Review – Revealing the Hidden Features


This specific Dub Turbo Overview will highlight together with information regarding fantastic application. Dub Turbo is referred to as one of the better equipment or perhaps plans to generate or perhaps creating surpasses and also audio between a lot of related software applications.
This is always a sensible choice by yourself inside producing audio regarding the one you have.

It’s superb application whether any performer, any DJ, any élaborer or simply just simply a audio fan. Your rivals is quite hard especially inside the audio market, and do well in the other folks, you ought to be capable of utilize a prosperous approach and also products inside producing our personal special audio type and also this program will assist by means of.

Dub Turbo Review – Making Beats Online


Utilizing the development associated with great music musical instruments as well as software program, creating a one-guy music group is not a impossible job. By utilizing various music components as well as suggestions that could produce a few fascinating fashionable jump is better than alone. There are plenty of every one of these various music components in 1 location which Dub Turbo Defeat Machine.

A new revolution in music is here.

dr drum review

The complexity and exclusivity of music making software is in the past.

A new player in the music software industry is here, Dr Drum. The difficulties common to most beat making software were ironed out.

The way you interact with your music software was redefined.Dr Drum is extremely intuitive. The interface has a clean, simple layout.

How To Make Your Own Dance Music Online – Make Dance Beats With Ease!


If you are looking for a way that you can make your own dance music then you may come unstuck is a lot of the information that you will find online will tell you that you need a recording studio to do this.

The truth is it does help if you do have a good recording studio and music production knowledge as if you’re wanting to make a good dance track that sounds just like the stuff in the charts this will be invaluable.

The best beat making software


As software becomes more accessible and the borders between operating system platforms blur it is good to hear of programs such as Dr.Drum that can be used on Mac or PC and operate comfortably in Windows or OSX. And for the creative music maker, Dr.Drum is a blessing with a low price ticket, for now that is.